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5 Bannister St Masterton

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Residential Enquiries Call Free 123

Business Enquiries Call Free 126

Business Faults Call Free 0800 651 000

Mobile Enquiries Call Free 0800 651 000

Prepaid Mobile Top-ups Call Free 0800 323 232

Spark Business Hub Wairarapa

5 Bannister St Masterton 080-0-444 911

Spark Retail Store

5 Bannister St, Mastn 370 3070


Outstanding balance-7602

Unbilled calls-7606

Last payment date/amount-7609

Date of last or next bill-7610

Set up a direct debit-7603

Automatic payments-7630

Credit Card payment-7631

Double charging on bill-7627

Request a copy of your bill-7625


National call plans-7616

World clock-7614

Country/area code-7615

Phone services

Busy line check-7624

Call Minder-7619

Call Waiting-7620

Call Diversion-7621


Free minutes-7601

Unbilled Calls-7608

Outstanding balance-7607

Self service

Spark Website and Online Store

My Spark

Mobile balances *333

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