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Sanford Limited

Havelock Wharf PO Box 13 Havelock


Sanford is one of New Zealand’s oldest companies. We have fished in New Zealand waters since 1865. At Sanford, we treat our seafood with the respect it deserves and will continue to take care of it for future generations to enjoy. Sustainability is central to everything we do.

Sanford is proud of 100+ years of seafood history and our vision is to be the best seafood company in the world. We use different fishing methods, fleet and skippers. Also, we aquaculture mussel farming, Oyster farming and King Salmon farming.

We care passionately about keeping our oceans and our environment clean, and above all, safe for habitat.

To find out more, please visit our website or just call us.

Additional info

Sanford Limited

Havelock Wharf 0-3-574 2021

Engineering Workshop 0-3-574 2292

Farming Support Services 574 2024

After Hours

Mgr M Austin Mobile 0-21-223 397

General Mgr of Processing E J Culley Mobile 0-27-435 0919