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Pacific Radiology

99 Rintoul St Newtown Wellington 6021


Pacific Radiology Ltd is the leading provider of medical imaging to the Greater Wellington Region. We operate out of 10 locations, and provide 24 hour medical imaging coverage for three private hospitals and three District Health Boards. For more information please visit our website or call today.

Additional info

Pacific Radiology

Fax 0-4-978 5501

Account Enquiries 0-4-978 5521




Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre

17 Adelaide Rd Newtn 0-4-978 5500


Bowen Centre at Bowen Hospital 98 Churchill Dve CrofD Wellington 0-4-978 5500


25 Broderick Rd Jvill 0-4-978 5500

Kapiti Rooms

150 Kapiti Rd Param Kapiti 0-4-978 5500


ASB Stadium 72 Kemp St Klbni Wellington 0-4-978 5500


Level 1 142 Lambton Qy Wellington 0-4-978 5500

Lower Hutt

668 High St Blcot 0-4-978 5500


Hartham Pl South Porua 0-4-978 5500

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Hospital 90 Hanson Street, Newtn

Upper Hutt

At The Health Centre

Off Queen Street Carpark UHutt 0-4-978 5500

Waikanae Rooms

Waikanae Health Centre

Marae La Wknae 0-4-978 5500


Wakefield Hospital

99 Rintoul St Newtn 0-4-978 5500