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Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd

20 Troup Dve Addington Christchurch


Welcome to Eliot Sinclair & Partners. We are the professionals you need to contact when you require surveying, engineering and planning advice.
Our areas of expertise include: Land Development; Land and Hydrographic Surveying; Civil, Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering; Planning and Resource Management.
We are also able to assist with Resource Consents, and have extensive experience in managing the resource consent process, drafting and obtaining resource consents for a full range of activities including subdivisions, Industrial and commercial activities and development, Stormwater construction and dust discharge, as well as changes in land use.
Please visit our website for more information or call to discuss your requirements today.

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Surveyors, Engineers, Planners

20 Troup Dve Addtn 379 4014