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Argus Heating Ltd

211 Maces Rd Christchurch


For more than 50 years, Argus Heating has specialised in electric heating element design, manufacture and repair.

As designers we work with you to determine the element type and specification that suits your application. We offer competitively priced standard or custom made elements to suit your needs.

Argus Heating's extensive product range includes: Tubular Cartridge Heaters; Engine Pre Heaters; Silicone Rubber Pad Heaters; Heating Cable PVC, Fibreglass, Silicone insulated; Quartz Tube Elements; Water Heater Elements; Kiln Elements; Tubular Heaters (cupboard type); Electric Blankets; Foil Heaters, Furnace & Kiln Elements, Heating Cables, Heating Spirals, Ibc Heaters, Laboratory Still Elements, Pet Pads, Porcelain / Ceramic, Radiator Rods, Quartz Tube Infra, Red Elements, Silicone Heaters, Tubular Heater, Water Heater Elements.

Please visit our website or call to learn more.

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Heating Element Design & Manufacture

211 Maces Rd Christchurch 381 1363

Fax 381 1063