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Veteran's Affairs New Zealand

Veteran's Affairs New Zealand - We support New Zealand Veteran's and their families. Services provided: Coordination of Veteran's at commemorations, along with funding assistance to attend these celebrations. Case Management - Dedicated team who work with Veteran's relating to health and social needs Information services - wide range of information sheets and forms

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Veteran's Affairs New Zealand provide a service to Veteran's (and their families) whom have fought for New Zealand.
We appreciate the sacrifices they have made to make New Zealand a safe and free country!

New Zealand has approximately 31,000 New Zealand veterans - ranging from 19 to over 100 years old.

Our main functions include:
Administration and advice on issues relating to care, recognition and entitlement
We work with New Zealand Defence Force when planning commemorations and provide assistance to Veteran's with regards to attendance of military anniversaries of significance
New Zealand has 183 Service Cemeteries, and Veteran's Affairs maintain these and provide ex-service memorials
Veteran's Affairs also liaise with Government and Veteran representative organisations

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